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5 Proven Benefits of Thanking Your Paying Customers

Saying “Thank You” to your paying customers the right way ensures your business’ survival and paves the way for its success. This is especially crucial if your business sells real estate, automobiles, high dollar group employee health insurance plans, or other big ticket items. Keep the following reasons in mind if you’re serious about getting repeat business!

5 Proven Benefits of Thanking Your Paying Customers with Personalized Gifts


1. Making your customers feel truly appreciated makes your business stand out

The total dollar of your customer’s purchase doesn’t matter. The fact that they bought from you is enough for you to thank them. Why? They didn’t have to buy from you. They could have bought from one of your many competitors.

When you make it a point to give a small gift to paying customers, you loudly and clearly communicate to them that they are special to you. People like to feel appreciated. People like to feel that they matter.

Your gift tells your customer that they are not just another face in the crowd. This feeling of being appreciated is a big deal. It can turn your customers into repeat buyers!

2. Personalizing gifts creates a personal connection with your customers

People like to feel special and unique. They don’t get this feeling when they receive a gift that basically says “Thank you [Insert Name Here].” These generic gifts don’t take their interests in mind. These gifts seem like cookie-cutter ‘one size fits all’ gifts automatically sent out by a business when a customer purchase ‘qualifies’ for it.

Customers don’t feel a connection with companies that send them ‘obligatory’ gifts as an afterthought
— Beglije Frakes, Founder of Say Thank U

When you send custom gift baskets or personalized gifts that mention the name of your customer, they feel special. You put them on notice that they are so special to your business that you put in extra effort.

Most people appreciate the extra touch of personalization because most people would like to feel special and be appreciated individually.  They connect this feeling of being noticed and appreciated with your business’ brand. They’re more likely to order from your business again because they don’t feel like a number or another sales account that got successfully closed.

3. It’s easier to get repeat sales from customers who emotionally connect with your business

Making paying customers feel special with personalized small gifts can create a sense of ‘emotional openness.’  They are more likely to give your business the benefit of the doubt should you pitch them on another product or opportunity. Since these tried and proven buyers know your business will ‘treat them right,’ it takes less effort to convince them of the value of the products you’re try to sell them in the future.

While not all your customers would buy every single new product you promote to them, more of them would be more open to possibly buying from you again. Why? Your business has ‘proven’ itself by not only selling them a product they need but treating them well right after the sale. Your customers are more likely to trust your business than a random new seller trying to sell to them.

4. Customers who feel valued are more likely to post positive reviews

Positive online reviews are crucial to your business’ success. The more positive reviews your business gets, the higher the chance you’ll attract new customers.

There’s a big problem with this: only a small fraction of customers find the time to post reviews. When you make your customers feel valued and appreciated through personalized gifts, they are more likely to share their happy experience in their online reviews.

5. Happy customers who receive gifts are more likely to share the word about your business

Angry or unhappy customers share the word quickly. Happy customers? Not so much. Maybe they are too busy. Maybe they meant to do it but got side tracked.

Give your paying customers a good reason to share the word about your business by giving them personalized gifts. They become emotionally invested in your business because you showed your appreciation for them. You made it clear that their business is important to you.

Build on this emotional connection by calling your happy customers to action. A simple reminder of ‘please tell your friends about our store’ can go a long way. You may even send this reminder through social media so they can easily share the good word about your business.

Say Thank U